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      Residents still in shock over Grand Blanc Twp. apt. fire

      Six units at the Fairways at Woodfield Apartments were destroyed by a massive fireTuesday night.

      Fire crews are trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire at the Fairways at the Woodfield Apartments in Grand Blanc Township Tuesday night.

      Sarah Mize told NBC25 she was eating dinner around 7:00 p.m. when she noticed smoke and flames shooting out of the building.

      "The fire was raging. It was just mammoth," said Mize.

      Sarah and others rushed to the scene to help residents get out safely.

      "I saw a family come out, a beautiful family and a little boy who was 6-years old and he was crying like you wouldn't believe and I grabbed him and held him and said it was going to be alright."

      Neighbors say it looked like the fire started on the outside of the building and somehow took over the whole building within minutes. At least six units were destroyed

      Residents were evacuated that night but some were allowed back in Wednseday to gather belongings.

      "It shakes you to the core. Thank God no one was hurt."