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      Residents upset with blight in Flint neighborhood

      Kearsley Park is one of the nicer areas of the city, but it has not been spared from the area's economic down turn and even community efforts to clean up are seemingly not enough.

      Joe Gonyea is one person who calls Flint's East side home.

      "I've lived, matter of fact, in this house for 40 years," says Gonyea.

      He says his neighborhood is not like it used to be.

      "People passed away the neighborhood has deteriorated."

      As neighbors left, their homes remained empty and in disrepair.

      A walk through his neighborhood illustrates what he and Teresa Grismer see every day.

      "It makes us very angry because here we are keeping our houses up and we look across the street," says Grismer.

      The street is dotted with abandoned dwellings. According to a new report, 27% of the city's properties are unoccupied.

      That's more than 14,000 homes empty.

      It frustrates Teresa.

      "The city doesn't care, I don't think they care."

      So Teresa does her part, cleaning her house, and mowing other properties.

      But the task is daunting and she hopes someone in city hall takes notice.

      "Start listening to the people of flint because we really have something to say," says Grismer.