Residents voice concern over controversial new Grand Blanc development

Blue prints are complete and zoning exceptions are being made for a new housing development in downtown Grand Blanc.

The Grand Blanc Plaza Apartments are looking to set up shop between the Indian Hill Subdivision and a commercial lot. Developers hope the third of an acre lot will hold a handful of new units. Something residents say canâ??t fit and isnâ??t worth the hassle it may create.

"14 stacked units its going to alter the access road through there alter the parking some and he is going to have to trim some of these pine trees and fill in some of that low area," said Grand Blanc Planning Commission member Don Becker.

Becker points out small changes needed for the new development. Meanwhile, residents are trying to pump the brakes.

"What we are concern about is we want to make sure this development is right for the area," said Grand Blanc resident Jason Poirier.

The proposed dwellings are estimated to cost about 17 hundred dollars a month and be squeezed between commercial and residential properties.

"Potentially trash cans behind us or looking into the backyard of some of the other neighbors here in single family homes it does not seem feasible, it doesnâ??t seem like a good use of property," said Poirier.

However, the city has given permission for Jonna to construct residential or commercial property.

"Grand Blanc needs more businesses it needs people to go to those businesses but at this point right now we need businesses to move into the community," said Poirier.

The cities planning commission is fielding concerns and surveying the land for themselves. But their power only goes so far.

"Some of us are concerned about water run off, some of us are concerned about parking and what we do is take all that information together and offer a plan to city council," said Becker.

That plan is being presented to city council Tuesday night at 7.

Residents hope to convince the city there is more value and options for the lot.