Resumes and handshakes seal jobs in Genesee Co. job fair

More than <a href="" target="_blank">600 new jobs</a> are being filled in Birch Run.

Dozens of employers at todayâ??s job fair are looking to cash in on a new type of applicant. People who already have job experience and are already working and people who thought they would never have to work again.

"I have a job but itâ??s not enough hours,â?? said underemployed applicant Deon Perry.

"I worked for gm for 34 years," said Willis Marshall Jr.

Under and unemployed workers are on the hunt. They are searching the job fair for the next step to financial stability.

"Iâ??m looking for a job I can move up in and advance with career opportunities," said Perry.

Willis Marshall Jr. is a Flint resident who is beginning his return to the workforce by going back to school. He's now a licensed heating and air condition tech, with more than 30 years of g-m employment.

"It took care of me and my family and now I just want to try to switch gears and try something different," said Marshall.

Marshall's reinvention of himself and underemployed applicants like Deon Perry have one thing in common, the will to work.

"Get my foot in the door somewhere and work my butt off basically," said Perry.

"I could have stayed home sat on the couch and drank lemonade but I just wanted to do something else with my hands," said Marshall.

The state estimates as of July this year, Michigan unemployment is around 9 percent.