Rev. Jesse Jackson visits Flint

Rev. Jesse Jackson, the civil rights activist who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., marched his way through Foss Avenue Baptist Church in Flint Sunday. He delivered a message about equality and democracy.

"It's not about black and white, it's about what's wrong and right," said Rev. Jackson.

What's wrong is allowing someone to take away your right to vote, something he preached about, because he said many Americans fought too long for the right to vote to have it taken away. Rev. Jesse Jackson is asking you to fight back.

"People should not submit to or surrender to a scheme to undermined their democracy," the Rev. responded. "It's not the people's fault that we close plants and sent jobs abroad and took away the tax base and took away their homes. It must be a restored restoration of a confidence in democracy. Democracy matters. The vote matters. Who we elect matters."

In the end he said it's not about balancing a budget, it's about fairness.

"People have every right to expect that their democracy will be restored," responded Rev. Jackson.