Rise of Addiction - Fall from Grace: Mitch's Story

From his jail cell in Livingston County where he is serving a three month sentence on drug related charges, Fenton resident Mitch Treichel shares his compelling story of his battle with substance abuse. Telling NBC25 anchor Bill Harris that he had a "really good childhood," Mitch recalls how his abuse problem began with drugs like Percocet and Vicodin, how easy it is to get the drugs, how he stole morphine from a patient at an adult foster care home and a vivid account of one of his arrests; "You're under arrest. They had guns pointed at me. And I was like whoa!" This extended interview also reveals the impact of his abuse problem on his family; "I have a beautiful daughter on the way and it's just going to kill me if I'm not going to be the father figure that she deserves."