Road crews fighting back against another winter storm

Heavy snow is blanketing Mid-Michigan all over again.

Road crews aren't giving up anytime soon and they are working to make sure roads in the morning are clear.

Heavy snow causing slick conditions on roadways and the Genesee County Road Commission is fighting to keep major roads and expressways open.

Crews were not scheduled to work Monday, due to the government holiday, but are now in their trucks, plowing and treating county roads.

The day started with trucks pre-treating roads with salt in an effort to hold off the first round of the storm.

The game plan is to focus on expressways but overnight the focus shifts across the entire county.

"We'll keep the expressways and the primary routes bladed off, keep the snow off, and then we'll bring everybody back in around three or three thirty and hit the entire road system so it will be ready for the commute tomorrow morning" says John Daly, Director of the Genesee County Road Commission.

Crews will take a brief break in the morning to re-evaluate the road conditions and then continue plowing and salting operations