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      Roads in Flint shut down as bomb squad tries to dispose of bomb

      Genesee County Sheriff's deputies confirming to NBC25 that the bomb squad is in the process of 'disposing' of a bomb found near Hemphill and Fenton Road in Flint.

      Several roads were blocked off late Thursday night, as emergency personnel worked to secure the scene.

      Witnesses report seeing a robot being used to try and work on disposing of the bomb.

      The incident happened at a traffic stop around 8 p.m. on Fenton Road and Markahm Street after a man was pulled over for drving eratically. Police found bomb-like materials in the back seat in a military-style bag.

      UPDATE 9:00 a.m. - NBC25 has learned that the Flint police bomb squad is still working to determine whether or not the small coffee jar with wires attached to it was in fact an active bomb. Switchboards and aerosol cans were also found in the suspect's vehicle.