Roads still snow covered more than a day after storm

The harsh winter is leaving road budgets strained and road commissions forced to prioritize their resources.

"We're not clearing subdivisions on overtime,â?? said John Daly, Manager/Director, Genesee County Road Commission.

Daly says heâ??s focusing his resources on the main roads that are more traveled. He made a policy about a year and a half ago to not pay overtime to clear the less traveled roads. He says itâ??s because the budget has already been tight.

"We're forced to make choices,â?? said Daly.

Drivers in Genesee County are frustrated that nearly 48 hours after the storm the roads are still snow covered.

â??A lot of the people around me, traveling this morning, there were quite a few cars in the ditches,â?? said Kelli, driver.

"I happened to wipe out on the expressway. I kind of kept the car under control, but I spun around about three times,â?? said Kevin Howard, driver.

It takes 36 hours for road crews to cover the nearly 4,000 miles of roads in Genesee County.

"It is a little frustrating but at the same time, I know these guys were out here working hard yesterday,â?? said Kelli.

Other drivers say it needs to get done, and it needs to be done faster.

"I'd say, it be a must, to make sure that our roads are safe,â?? said Howard.

"Frankly, we would prefer to go out there and clear those subdivision streets within the same 36 hour period but without adequate funds, we just really can't justify doing that, at this point,â?? said Daly.

The extra money the Genesee County Road Commission has spent this winter on clearing snow and ice is taking a big chunk out of the budget for road repairs.

This week legislators in Lansing did approve a bill to give more road funding at the local level. But Daily says the county is still working with a very tight budget.