Rockin for Rick, fundraiser for Fenton man battling Leukemia

Rick has to take a number of medications to help the pain. / Jonathan McEmber

The Fenton community has come together to help a man battling a rare form of Leukemia.

Rick Harmon was diagnosed with a rare form Leukemia and his only chance of survival was a bone marrow transplant he received about a year ago.

His body rejected transplant and he continues to fight around the clock to live another day.

Rick and his wife Lori used to run their own business but eventually lost it because of all the medical treatment Rick needed.

They've also had to sell most of their belongings to pay for Rick's numerous medications and therapy treatments.

During all this, the couple is also trying to raise two teenage boys who attend Fenton High School.

The Harmans told NBC25 they've been able to make ends meet thanks to the outpouring of support from the Fenton community.

It's absolutely awesome! It's like a gift from God. Fenton has been incredible. The family wouldn't have made it," said Rick.

Unfortunately the medical bills keep coming in.

Kristen Wolosonwich, a family friend is putting together a fundraiser and silent auction to help cover the mounting medical bills.

"Rick is just so warm, kind and loving as are his two sons and Lori, so I wouldn't not do it for them," said Kristen Wolosonich.

The fundraiser and silent auction will be held November 23rd at the Fenton Community Center located at 150 South Leroy Street. Kristen has also started a Facebook page in an effort to get the information on the fundraiser out.

Rick wife Lori says she still in awe of all the support they're getting from the community.

"It just really feels like a true sense of family and belonging to something and this community is absolutely awesome," said Lori Harman.