Sheriff: Rocks thrown from car smash windshields, cause damage in Lapeer county

A taxi driver had a rock thrown at his tax early Sunday morning.

Windshields shattered and people shaken up.

The Lapeer County Sheriff's Department is looking for suspects tonight after rocks are thrown from oncoming vehicles, damaging cars while they're moving.

"It's senseless, there's no point to it, " said Greg Loudermilk.

It was a typical night for Greg Loudermilk as he was driving passengers in his taxi cab, but as a vehicle approached with their high beams on, something happened that he never expected.

"Just as they got close enough I saw an arm come out the window and a really big rock hit the side of my cab, with enough force that it actually pushed the cab,” described Loudermilk.

There were four reports of people throwing rocks from a car at oncoming vehicles around 2 am Sunday night in Hadley Township and near Lapeer.

Windshields were shattered and cars were damaged.

Sheriff Scott McKenna says it could have been a lot worse.

"At 50 mph or 55 mph, you got a projectile that's traveling at 100 miles per hour as it hits the windshield. You see some of the damages on these cars and stuff, this very likely could have led to something of a horrible tragedy," explained Sheriff McKenna.

The Lapeer County Sheriff's Department says they're stepping up patrols in both marked and unmarked cars in the hopes of finding the people responsible before someone is hurt or killed.

"It's rocks being thrown out of a car. Is that the most exciting thing happening in Lapeer county? For me it is, because we could easily be sitting here after someone was killed over a completely senseless prank," said Sherriff McKenna.

Sheriff McKenna says he never wants this to happen again and has a stern warning to those responsible.

"This game you think you're playing could end you up in prison with someone dying in our community," he said.

"I just hope someone comes forward with this, it's ridiculous," said Loudermilk.

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