Ron Paul campaigns at Central Michigan University

Ron Paul stumps in front of a packed auditorium at Central Michigan University.

Tony Rivard is young, passionate, and against big government. Heâ??s for Ron Paul and he wears his vote on his sleeve â?? with a Ron Paul tattoo.

"Ron Paul changed my life,â?? Rivard said. â??I mean I didn't care about anything, or really have any passions until i started figuring out Ron Paul."

Rivardâ??s ink is real, and so was the energy at the event on Central Michigan University's campus. Close to a thousand people packed into the auditorium to hear Paul speak Satruday evening. The candidate drew loud applause with talk about ending the war on drugs, foreign interventions, and protecting civil liberties. He also talked about an issue that hits close to home for lots of college students - rising tuition costs.

"There's no authority in the constitution for the federal government to be involved in education,â?? Paul said. â??There's no prohibition for the states to be involved in it. If they want to get involved, they might make mistakes, they might do whatever. But cost of education is very high."

Paul is polling around double digits, behind Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, but he hopes to pick up some delegates after Tuesday's primary.