Roof collapse at Kmart in Saginaw Township

Kmart in Saginaw Township is closed after the roof caved in.

The Kmart in Saginaw Township on Gratiot Rd. will be closed until further notice after the roof collapsed overnight.

The Saginaw Township Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the business around 3:50 a.m.

When firefighter's arrived on scene they discovered a 100 ft. x 100 ft. area of the roof had collapsed, in the middle of the store. The damage had also lead to a pipe breaking.

The first responders quickly shut the water off the sprinkler system to stop the risk of any more flooding.

Fire department officials tell NBC25, a store manager was in the store at the time the roof collapsed; but there were no injuries reported.

However, they say the damage to the store was extensive.

Officials say contractors will need to go in to the store to assess damage and see what else, besides the roof, has been affected by part of the roof coming down.

Contractors will also determine the cause of the collapse.