Roof collapses at Flint church insurance refuses coverage


A State Farm Spokesperson tells NBC 25 they do not discuss customer policies but they did say, generally speaking, insurance is intended to cover sudden and accidental losses.

The church says it was an accident and is seeking legal action.


Joy Tabernacle Church is in a bind after their insurance company refused to cover the collapse of their roof, according to the church's pastor.

Members of Joy Tabernacle Church are worshiping without a sanctuary after their roof collapsed in December.

Church members say insurance is supposed to cover the accident.

"When we walked in it was just full of the insulation just all over the church. We thought it was a fire but we found out the ceiling had collapsed," said Pastor Robert McCathern.

Shovels rakes and working hands have cleaned up most of the mess left behind.

Pastor Robert McCathern says after first inspection State Farm stated they would cover the damages.

After a follow up investigation the company declined the church assistance.

"So I asked him how can you have someone who has 30, been with your company 30 years and they assessed we were covered and all of a sudden were not covered," said McCathern.

McCathern says State Farm passing the burden to the church is too heavy of a bill for the urban church.

"We are paying thousands of dollars for coverage and they won't even come back out and assess the continued damage," said McCathern.

The church has 86 years of history and is a Michigan historic site.

Though history makes this building significant McCathern says itâ??s the people that make it special.

And they'll keep worshipping with or without a roof.

"That is Goliath and we are David so we are looking for that sling shot to be able to get our church fixed," said McCathern.

NBC 25 attempted to contact State Farm and they were unable to comment.

Joy Tabernacle Church is seeking legal action.