Saginaw Animal Shelter holds rabies clinic

Saginaw dog owners are lining up for discounted vaccinations to fight off deadly diseases.

Theyâ??re also lending a hand to the Saginaw animal shelter's future.

Dog licenses, rabies vaccinations, an inoculation against distemper and parvovirus were offered. The deadline for 2013 dog licenses is February 28th and proof of rabies vaccination is required so residents didn't mind waiting outside for their chance to cash in on todayâ??s savings. The animal shelter says keeping animals up to date is important for both sides.

"In the summer outbreaks can be common. So we are hoping we will have a higher portion of our dogs coming in as strays or surrenders will already be vaccinated," said Saginaw Animal Shelter Director Kevin Wilken.

March second the Saginaw animal shelter is kicking off their new weekend hours with an adoption event that will have their director in a dog cage until all animals are adopted or the close of business.