Saginaw announces police layoffs, new police chief

Darnell Early annouces a new police chief in Saginaw.

Saginaw City Manager Darnell Early announced that 12 police officers would be laid off by July 1.

He also stated that Brian Lipe has been named Saginaw Police Chief. Lipe previously held the role as Acting Chief.

Firefighters in the city have submitted a proposal that would prevent layoffs, according to Early. That proposal is under review.

The City of Saginaw is also hiring a Public Information Officer in order to get safety information out to the media and public in a fast and timely manner.

Neither the Saginaw Sheriff's Office nor the Michigan State Police will be increasing their presence in Saginaw.

The Michigan State Police did say they would continue their current presence in the city and use "smart policing."

There have been 10 homicides in Saginaw this year.

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