Saginaw Celebrates MLK Holiday

Events took place all day Monday in Saginaw to commemorate the holiday.

Forty-four years after the death of a civil rights icon and Mid-Michigan residents took time out on Monday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The sounds of the Saginaw Valley Voices choir filled the campus of Delta college Monday afternoon.

Organizer Monique Riley says, "Our whole purpose is to show people, to reflect culture and history through the things that we do."

Its a refreshing break for students, some even dressed up in 60's costumes to commemorate the turbulent times when Dr. King did his best-known work.

From marches to sit-in's students remember the civil rights era, educating everyone on the struggles Dr. King faced and also confronted head on. I

t was a refreshing break from the traditional classroom for many.

Riley continues saying, "They've all embraced the experience, they're singing the music, they're learning more about history."

A few miles away at the Dow Event Center a group of hundreds also turned out for a luncheon sponsored by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

The fraternity is so proud because Dr. King was an actual member of the organization. And just as Dr. King championed for the rights of the poor, so too does this organization today.

Alpha Phi Alpha President Eddie Foxx says, "We're trying to come up with issues to eliminate poverty in our community. We're trying to use the tools he used, tools of nonviolence."