Saginaw church organization announces initiative to fight crime

Rev. Larry Camel of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church announced his group, Parishioners on Patrol, is teaming up with Crime Stoppers to help reduce crime in Saginaw.

Alan Hutson, Jr. is the latest shooting victim in Saginaw. He was killed Sunday, and his grandmother is asking police to find his shooter.

"I know finding him is not going to bring my grandson back, but it will help some other parents as well as myself,â?? said Henrietta Wilson-Low.

Hutson's mentor and pastor, Rev. Larry Camel, says that's not enough to stop the vicious cycle of violence. Camel announced a new partnership between his group, Parishioners on Patrol, and Crime Stoppers.

"What this whole Saginaw community needs is young people coming back and giving back to the community, and not destroying the community,â?? Camel said. He wants to work with youth as young as 8 years old, and train them into adulthood to be community servants.

"Makes them - even when they become an adult - makes them a much more responsible citizen,â?? Camel said.

The new partnership with Crime Stoppers will give Parishioners on Patrol an even bigger role to play as neighborhood watchdogs, and it will give victims of crime a reason to fight for positive change in their community.

"Step up to the plate, stand tall for whatever you stand for, stand up for what is right to do,â?? said Wilson-Low.