Saginaw church protest continues

While winter is getting a firm grip a group continues to protest in Saginaw.

They are protesting their former church Zion Baptist.

Months ago some of them received letters stating they have been kicked out of the church. And since then others have joined their weekly protest hoping for change.

Each Sunday protestors line Johnson Street to protest Zion Baptist Church. The demonstrators wanting an explanation after being kicked out.

"I have been a member for 70 plus years and I feel I have roots in this church,â?? said former member Robert Woods Jr.

The Baptist church resembles a democracy where the congregation votes on decisions.

Five former members of the church are continuing their protest because they say this process wasn't followed.

"We tried to find out from the church and the pastor why we were being dismissed. We wanted to have a meeting and he refused,â?? said former Saginaw Mayor Joe Stephens.

After being dismissed from Zion Church one man returned and was then arrested.

"What we are trying to say is that religious freedoms aren't being expressed here,â?? said Eddie Foxx.

The protestors say the process of their removal did not meet the churches bylaws. And members were pushed away when inquiring about the churches laws.

We got up and questioned the bylaws and he got 99 people to stand up and said how many people want them kicked out of the church,â?? said Barbra Anderson.

One lawsuit has been dismissed in Bay County Circuit Court but a second quickly followed naming Reverend Rodrick Smith as a defendant.

"He opens the doors and tells people to join and he is kicking them out. What sense does that make,â?? said Anderson.

While the lawsuit process continues the groups says they will continue to picket the church that together the group has more than 200 years of service. Church leadership declined comment.