Saginaw churches pray for city to overcome challenges

Churches hold event in Saginaw to pray for the city and residents to overcome challenges.

Hundreds of people packed the Dow Event Center in Saginaw Friday night to tackle the city's biggest issues through prayer.

Local churches are encouraging Saginaw residents to stand united and are reminding them their city is not forsaken.

â??We've seen in past years that actually as we've done this event that crime has gone down a little bit and we've seen lots of positive ramifications,â?? said Pastor Mark Swanson of the Saginaw Valley Community Church.

The Church of Saginaw organized the non-denominational prayer event. The organization is a partnership of area churches. This was the seventh year for the city wide worship and prayer gathering.

Organizers say the city can overcome its challenges like crime, blight, and poverty if people work together.

In addition to prayer, the churches have many outreach programs that help people in need.