Saginaw city block saved from the wrecking ball

Leo Kahan Building is one of three being redeveloped in downtown Saginaw.

A television executive originally from Saginaw is once again investing in his home town.

Buildings that were on the city's demolition list have been saved by David Strouse.

Doomed by the wrecking ball, buildings near the corner of Washington and Genesee are getting a second chance.

"We're pretty much the last man standing down here," said Kattar Baz, owner of Baz Groceries.

Baz groceries is located along Genesee Avenue and is surrounded by vacant city buildings.

"It's been slow the past time frame. So hopefully that rollercoaster will start going back up this time," said Baz.

Tuesday, the Saginaw Downtown Development Authority approved the development phase of a project that will renovate three of five buildings into loft-style apartments.

The idea and partial funding coming from David Strouse, a CBS television executive from Saginaw.

"This is a project that is integral to the downtown. Brings in more people. It's great to see someone from our hometown who comes back and sees the viability of this community and wants to invest in it," said Dawn Goodrow Morrell.

"More people generate customers more revenue," said Baz.

For lonely businesses on the block, redevelopment gives them hope for another 20 years of service.

"We like this corner. This is our home. If you were somewhere as long as we've been you know it's comfortable. It's home," said Baz.

The two buildings on the south side of the block will be demolished.

Officials with the Downtown Development Authority estimate the project will cost around $5 million.

Construction is expected to be in about a year.