Saginaw city bus system looking to expand

Sylvester Payne says the expansion would be done in phases.

Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services officials are looking to expand STARS service into more parts of Saginaw County.

"We have not lost that many residents, but those residents that are here are aging, they are not using their vehicles as much," said STARS General Manager Sylvester Payne, who added that many city residents are now commuting to jobs in rural areas of the county.

"In order to meet that demand, we are going to have to grow or expand the service in order for the folks to get where they need to go," said Payne.

The expansion would be done in phases, and cost $25 million.

The federal and state governments would cover two-thirds of the cost. Taxpayers in Saginaw County would be responsible for the other third.

"With the gas prices the way they are, people need more transportation around," said STARS rider Scott Henry.

Payne says the average taxpayer would seen an increase of between $80-100 a year.

STARS eliminated Saturday bus service in January, and no plans are currently in the works to bring it back.