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      Saginaw Co. health fair draws in hundreds of people

      There were more than 80 booths at the 8th Annual Saginaw County Medical Society Health Fair.

      Since 2004 the Saginaw County Medical Society Health Fair keeps growing.

      "We've got 81 booths this year. The most we've ever had in the past is about 65 and we're expecting about 1,000 people today," said Joan Cramer the Executive Director.

      Cramer added, it's because of the total experience you get from the time you walk into the Horizons Conference Center until you are ready to leave.

      "They can go at their own speed around any of the venders and talk to whoever they are interested in," responded Cramer.

      You can pick-up free goodies, talk to a physician or just hear what they have to offer.

      "We definitely have patients asking about spinal issues and any type of joint or extremity issues," said Mel Svorinic.

      Hundreds of people got their blood pressure read, lungs tested and cholesterol checked.

      "From pediatricians to family medicine. . . the doctor is in," said Cramer,

      Every year they document what people want to see at the next fair. Cramer said she already has plans to add different booths with more information.