Saginaw Co. leaders hold off on city's public safety proposal

Saginaw County leaders decided once again to hold off on moving forward with a police contract proposal from the city of Saginaw until more questions are answered.

Commissioners on the Courts and Public Safety committee asked Saginaw Assistant City Manager Phil Ludos to return next month, after the city negotiates with the local police and fire unions.

Wednesday afternoon, Ludos approached the committee to again ask for their support to outsource police services in the city to the county sheriff. Ludos reiterated what City Manager Darnell Earley told the council Monday, that such a contract is their best bet to close a $3 million budget gap.

â??This is not about a takeover. This is about a proposal and approaching and asking for the assistance,â?? Ludos told commissioners.

Sheriff William Federspiel has said he won't support the idea without the union's or people's support first.

â??We provide a service. We're a backup agency, sometimes we're a primary agency. That's the nature of a sheriff's office. That's what we do,â?? he explained Wednesday.

Ludos and other city leaders will sit down with the police and fire unions Thursday morning.

The countyâ??s Courts and Public Safety committee will meet next on Wednesday, Feb. 6.