Saginaw Co. sheriff maintains position on police contract proposal

Saginaw's efforts to pay for public safety took another turn Tuesday as City Manager Darnell Earley met with Sheriff William Federspiel this morning in hopes of moving forward with a police contracting deal.

But Federspiel maintains his position. He reiterated he won't move forward with the plan without the people's support.

During Mondayâ??s public safety presentation to the council, Earley recommended reducing the fire department from 51 to 36 positions, in addition to the 80-officer contract with Sheriff Federspiel, which Assistant City Manager Phil Ludos proposed in November.

Federspiel continues to advise the city to try to maintain its own police department.

"Having to tear it apart and build anew under the umbrella of the sheriff's office - it's an uphill battle I really don't want to think about having to take on. It's a challenge,â?? Federspiel said.

Earley said a contracting deal with the sheriffâ??s department is the best option to balance the cityâ??s budget.

â??Quite frankly we'd argue vehemently that there is a better service delivery model available through this arrangement than what we currently have."

The city will make a presentation to the county's Courts and Public Safety committee Wednesday. City leaders have plans to meet Thursday with police unions.