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      Saginaw Community raises funds for family of Cha'Kur Tolbert

      Buffalo Wild Wings in Saginaw is donating twenty percent of today??s sales toward helping the Tolbert??s get back on their feet.

      ??It did something to my heart. That people would think enough of me and my children to reach out to us, said Cha??Kur??s mother Chauntel."

      Family friend Charles Lawrence set up the event at his workplace where he says there was no hesitation to reach out to a family that has lost so much.

      ??There is a lot of negativity in the community so I though do something good for the family so something good to the community you know, if everyone would consider if this was their situation what they would want people to do for them I think everybody would appreciate what is going on today, said Charles Lawrence."

      The Tolbert??s are staying down the road from their boarded up home. Serving as a constant reminder of what happened.

      "Our main focus is putting our life back together and our next task is focusing on the demolition of our home., said Chantel"

      Raising the funds to demolish her home has been hard but that is just the beginning of a larger plan for the property.

      "I would like for the property to be given to the inner city schools and the neighborhood to be turned into a playground, said Chauntel."

      More fundraisers for the family will be September 22nd and 23rd. On the 22nd a basketball charity event will take place at the Buena Vista Community Center. It will be featuring an old timers basketball game. Also, on the 23rd at the Bus Stop Inn in Birch Run, there will be a spaghetti feast from 1-9pm.