Saginaw County Commissioners defeat proposal to expand STARS

Saginaw county commissioners struck down a proposal Tuesday to expand the Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) beyond the city of Saginaw.

STARS officials said the expansion is an opportunity to meet transportation needs that are not being met. Supporters said senior citizens, disabled residents and other county residents would benefit from the expanded service.

But commissioners defeated the measure 8-2 because, they said, questions and legal matters need to be ironed out.

"I understand their concerns,â?? said Clark Harder, executive director of the Michigan Public Transit Association. â??I do think that it's an issue that will probably surface again in the future.â??

Commissioner Jim Theisen said, â??We need to do a lot more research, a lot more education, and educate ourselves better on how we can best do this before we move forward.â??

Commissioners said they also need more information on what revenues STARS would bring in if it became a countywide authority.