Saginaw County dispatcher to be honored

Last Friday's shooting is a reminder that there is no such thing as a 'routine' traffic stop.

Saginaw County emergency dispatcher Lisa Montgomery will be honored for her actions following the shooting of a Michigan state trooper last Friday.

Montgomery will be officially recognized April 9th, during the next meeting of the Saginaw County Police Chiefs Association.

"Her performance as unparalleled in this situation. She certainly set the benchmark for all emergency dispatchers all over the state to follow," said Frankenmuth Police Chief Don Mawer, who is also the president of the Saginaw County Police Chief's Association.

Just after 2 a.m. last Friday, Montgomery took the call from a state trooper who said his partner had been shot.

Montgomery sent other police units to the scene and alerted the hospital that an injured state trooper was headed in.

The trooper continues to recover from his injuries.