Saginaw County officials say major changes made after animal control controversy

Kevin Wilken

Saginaw County leaders say they are making big changes in their animal control department after they fired its embattled director last month.

County commissioners deemed Kevin Wilken unfit for his job after a state investigation showed several violations.

The Interim Director Elaine Thompson says Saginaw County Animal Care is already making major changes as the search continues for someone to run the department.

â??We feel confident that we've been able to check into, and are trying to move forward, to meet everything that they recommended,â?? said Thompson.

A state report says the center was not following proper adoption practices and had more than 80 instances of cats and dogs being put down before a mandatory waiting period.

The interim director says every animal is now held for a length of time according to state regulations. She also say they immediate cleaned and better organized the facility once being appointed to her role.

Some cages were also not up to state standards. Thompson says repairs have been made but more need to be updated or replaced.

Officials are holding a meeting in the county building on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. to review new policies and procedures. County Commissioners are expected to address these changes at the August board meeting.