Saginaw County principal dies

Marc Jaremba

When students head back to classes at Saginaw County's Carrollton Elementary School, it will be an especially sad occasion. It's principal, 56 year old Marc Jaremba has died.

On its website Carrollton Pulblic Schools said..."the district is saddened at the loss of beloved Elementary Principal, Marc Jaremba. Mr. Jaremba was the ultimate Cavalier, an integral member of the Carrollton Schools family, and the Carrollton community. His death is yet another lesson from an educator who saw the teachable moment in every situation, and we will honor his commitment to education by learning how to grieve for him as a district family and community.

Mr. Jarembaâ??s influence as a teacher, principal, colleague, mentor, and friend can be witnessed in every corner of the school and those in it. He will be remembered each time we hear â??We canâ??t hide our Cavalier pride!â??

M Live reports Jaremba died of a heart attack.

Details of his funeral are still being worked on.