Saginaw county school districts receive failing grades

Saginaw county school districts are seeing red. Now parents like Sarah Schaffer are second-guessing their school of choice.

â??They gotta be in the green, right? Instead of the red but yellow is caution, right?,â?? says Sarah Schaffer whose five children attend Chesaning school district.

Birch Run, Carrolton, Frankenmuth and Hemlock districts all received falling grades.

â??Birch Run is in the red,â?? says Schaffer. â??Wow, oh my goodness,â?? she adds.

Local school administrators say the new colors don't paint the complete picture.

â??I think it's more than that,â?? says Syrek. â??You need the atmosphere of the school. You need to walk into the school and see what it looks like, what it feels like,â?? he adds.

They need to do better, they do for the sake of our future,â?? says Schaffer. â??You know, the children are our future,â?? she adds.

â??(There is) Absolutely room for improvement,â?? says Syrek. â??We could have all greens and there's room for improvement,â?? he adds,

Syrek says more one-on-one attention might solve the problem but that's hard to do with dwindling budgets.

â??Weâ??re going to need more people, more people means more money,â?? says Syrek.

â??I just hope that they do better with the money that they're allotted,â?? says Schaffer. â??But I know money is tight right now so I don't know what they can do, really.