Saginaw couple chooses unique way to raise $ for adoption

Saginaw residents Jeff and Brittany DeHaven

After a year of marriage, Saginaw residents Jeff and Brittany DeHaven are ready to grow their family.

Sadly, Brittany was born with many health complications and is unable to have her own children. At 26-years-old, she already has undergone more than 25 surgeries.Despite their challenges, the couple still is wishing for the opportunity to become parents. So, the couple started researching adoption.The first thing they learned was that the process comes with a hefty price tag.

Jeff works with social media at his job in Bay City, and Brittany is a 1st grade teacher in Bridgeport, but, as adoption can cost as much as $19,000, the goal is financially out of reach.But, with a little help and a bit of hype, the couple is hoping they still can realize their dream.

Trekking across the Great Lakes Bay Region and Michigan, Jeff travels more than 36,000 miles a year for his job, attending chamber of commerce meetings, networking events and seminars attended by hundreds of people. He works in Bay City, lives in Saginaw and is in Midland at least twice a week for business.

He and his 2007 Mercury Mariner cover a lot of ground.So, Jeff started thinking he could turn his car and his business travel into an advertising opportunity and maybe even raise some money in the process.

Businesses will have the opportunity to bid via eBay starting June 9th to custom-wrap Jeffâ??s vehicle with their company logo, website, or pretty much anything else imaginable! For six months, one company will have the rights to a unique, highly visible, moving billboard.Higher Image Design of Saginaw has donated its expert wrap services, and a secure account has been set up at Saginaw Medical Federal Credit Union for the funds to only be used for adoption expenses.

The DeHavenâ??s will use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr to broadcast their journey.

For more details or to learn how to bid on wrapping Jeffâ??s car, visit