Saginaw dangerous dog policy moves forward; 3-year old victim recovers

As a three year old Buena Vista girl recovers after a dog mauling, officials are look to make changes in a local dog ordinance.

Breanna McQueenâ??s face bares the scares and a constant reminder of a vicious attack by a family friendâ??s dog.

â??The first thing I thought was oh my god, she's (the dog) going to kill my baby. I just did everything I could to get her off of her,â?? recalls Marissa McQueen, Breannaâ??s mother.

Three weeks later and Marissa McQueen is still shaken up.

â??My baby was defenseless, I was the only one defending her, me and my mom,â?? says McQueen.

That's why McQueen wants Saginaw County commissioners to pass a new dangerous dog policy.

â??So that it doesn't happen to someone else's kid,â?? says McQueen, fighting back tears.

Animal Control director Kevin Wilken agrees.

â??We're doing this that way if there's a dog that we feel is a threat to the community in the future, it gives us the power to remove that dog,â?? says Wilken.

Three dogs were involved in an attack on a county employee on Tuesday. Wilken says the new policy would take steps to ensure dogs that have attacked, don't attack again.

â??We want to protect the community, public safety is our number one concern at Animal Control,â?? says Wilken.

â??It really don't matter what kind of dog it is, any dog can snap at anytime,â?? says McQueen.

Breannaâ??s mom says her daughter is recovering very well. Sheâ??ll be happy to hear the Courts and Public Safety committee did vote in favor of moving the new dog policy forward to the full board of commissioners. That means the dangerous dog policy will come to a vote later this month.

If enacted, the policy will make sure Animal Control documents dangerous dog complaints through Saginaw County courts.

Now, commissioners have added all dangerous animals to this policy.

If a dog or any animal for that matter is deemed dangerous, animal control will make sure that animal is tagged before it's released back to its owner.

If that dog or animal attacks again, the owner will have to appear before a judge and explain why the animal should not be put down.