Saginaw double homicide

Police in Saginaw investigate the cities first two homicides.

Saginaw police are investigating the first two homicides of the year after the bodies of two young men were found in an East side home this morning. More than one hundred onlookers crowded the intersection of Cherry and S. 14th streets early Saturday morning after the bodies of two young men are found in a home. Police say many of the gatherers are either related to or acquainted with the victims.

Criminal Investigation detective Joseph Dutoi says, " It's a small neighborhood, it's a close knit neighborhood."

Because of the crowd investigators worked carefully to find out who shot the two men believed to be in their mid twenties. Police were initially called to the home at 8 a-m after getting a call about one deceased person. upon arrival they found more in the upstairs apartment of this cherry street home.

Detective Dutio continues saying, " They actually found two males in there deceased, they both suffered. both had suffered gunshot wounds."

Police are not saying if the two men were related, their names, or why they were at this home. The news is too much for neighbor Majorie Sanders who woke to nearly hundred people and police gathered outside her door. She says, " That's scary, it means to me its time to go, I'm sorry its time to go."

As residents contemplate whether or not to stay in the neighborhood police are trying to figure out when the shooting actually occurred and how long the bodies had been here.