Saginaw family seeks justice after losing two brothers in less than a year

Birch Park residents say the complex is only getting worse following this homicide and several other arrests.

But these residents are hoping to bring Hookerâ??s killer to justice, just as they did for Hookerâ??s brother Bobby Bailey who was killed less than a year ago.

"He was my baby brother, he was 20 Iâ??m 20 but he was a fun person. But this is our second brother and the harder it get," said Hookerâ??s sister Uniqua Jones-Johnson.

After losing two of her brothers in less than a year Uniqua Jones-Johnson is most concerned for what her family still has.

"He leaving his son, he is leaving his dad he is leaving his sisters," said Jones-Johnson.

Hookerâ??s family says they are a tight group and hopes for others to do the same to protect what they have left.

"Control their kids and I guess Saginaw wont be as bad as it is we wont keep having these murders," said Jones-Johnson.

Saginaw groups are working to educate their youth. And reach out to men like 19-year-old Greg Lee who shot and killed hookers brother last august.

"Lets try to reach them before they get into a situation where they are in prison and in jail or a victim of violence and crime," said Saginaw Parishioners on Patrol President and CEO Larry Camel.

Police are investigating witnesses regarding Hookerâ??s death. His family hopes to find justice through information.

"Itâ??s my baby brother and if you heard anything please let the police know because itâ??s hurting us," said Jones-Johnson.

Arrests relating to the homicide of Tonquinsha Mckinley in Mayâ??s pre prom shooting and both men accused of Saginawâ??s fire bombing, were all made in Birch Park Apartments.