Saginaw High School holds safe event before Prom in wake of student death

Tonquinisha McKinley's cousin Tamarea Steward poses with her date in their multi-color clothing to honor Tonquinisha at an event before Saginaw High School's Prom.

Students and parents came together Thursday night for a safe event before Saginaw High Schoolâ??s Prom, a year after a Sophomore was killed at an unofficial party before the dance.

Tonquinisha McKinley was just seventeen when she was gunned down. Three other people were wounded in the attack.

Tamarea Steward and her date dressed in a rainbow of colors to pay tribute to her cousin Tonquinisha who Steward said loved to dress like a rockstar. She felt the school did the right thing by holding the safe event.

â??Some people are just ignorant. You can't penalize everybody for what other people did last year so you know just let the kids have a good time,â?? said Steward.

Dozens of police officers closed off Ojibway Island and brought in K-9 units to make sure everyone was safe.

"I think this is good because they take so much away from the kids, but it's not the kids that's doing all the wrong. It's people that's not even involved," said parent Tacjuan McKinney.

Saginaw Schools is holding the same event Friday night on the Island before Arthur Hill High Schoolâ??s Prom.