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      Saginaw law enforcement train for ice rescues

      Mock victim being rescued by firefighter

      I ts that time of year when fishermen and snowmobilers like to take to the ice, but its also a dangerous time. Each winter, emergency responders have to make ice rescues. Firemen are dragging this man out of the freezing water and back onto safe ice. It's a scene that happens every winter season, the ice rescue. But, this a mock scenario, everyone involved is an emergency responder learning the rules of ice rescue.

      T he past few days have been a perfect example. We were only in the single digits for the last few days, but Saturday brought warmer temperatures.

      I ts just the time of year when emergency responders get calls for rescues.

      Lt. David Sommers of the Saginaw Sheriff's department says, " W hat we want to do is give the firefighters the skill to get out on the ice and rescue someone from the water if they have fallen through."

      T hese two dozen firemen and deputies are enduring a day long training. It means taking an actual plunge in these below freezing temps.

      Tyler Larson of the Tri Township fire department says, " A ctually with the suits on you couldn't really tell, it kind of felt like standing out here with a coat on."

      T he fire fighters practice rescuing with both a rope and pole. The emergency responders will be up to parr on their rescue skills, but they ask that everyone think twice about going on the ice. make sure its thick enough. Firemen says its just a matter of time before they get the call.