Saginaw man inspires neighbors to clean up

Call it a weedwacker blitz, Efrain Garcia is on the offensive, cleaning up Saginawâ??s streets.

â??I mean, this is our city. If it's your house, you take care of your home,â?? says Garcia. â??This is our city, there's no reason why we can't be out here, cleaning up our city."

The Saginaw native is leading by example, not letting his talents go to waste.

â??Iâ??m unemployed but there's no reason why I can't work,â?? says Garcia.

He says he just wants his daughter to have a clean home turf.

â??I mean give these kids, a safe and clean environment to play at,â?? says Garcia.

â??It's actually nice because the kids have clean place to play in,â?? says Adora Garcia, Efrainâ??s daughter.

It all started with vacant lots near Gallagher Street.

â??It was horrible,â?? says neighbor Lupe Rosas. â??I mean it look like a forest over there. Couldn't see nothing, the trees, mosquitoes were really bad,â?? he adds.

â??Have some pride in your city, (you) can't wait around for everybody else to do it,â?? says Garcia.

â??If 10 people would feed off of his love that he's doing in the community, this whole city would be a much better place,â?? says Rosas.

While cleaning up the city might be an uphill battle, this park is already a better place for Garciaâ??s daughter.

â??It looked all trashy and people throw (sic) garbage in there,â?? says Adora Garcia. â??(Now) it looks like a clean park, like they just build (sic) it,â?? she adds.

If you would like to help, contact Efrain Garcia at 989-890-1115.