Saginaw mass held to celebrate Pope Francis' appointment

Catholics across Mid-Michigan are continuing to celebrate the election of Pope Francis.

Today, Bishop Cistone, the head of the Diocese of Saginaw celebrated mass at the cathedral of the assumption.

"There is a simplicity about him that i think people who know him are trying to tell the world that is what we are going to see, said Bishop Joseph Cistone.

And through that simplicity we are going to see the depth of his faith."

Mass today focusing on welcoming Pope Francis.

Bishop Cistone says the election of a new pope brings new life to the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw.

The diocese is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary.

"This just adds another thread of enthusiasm to us. To say that the church is alive, the church is vibrant," said Cistone.

Bright with new insight from a leader who lives among the people.

"I think what he is marked by and most known by is his simplicity of life. People talk about his lifestyles and cooking for himself and take the bus to work in Buenos Aires," said Cistone.

Bishop Cistone says with Easter and the holy week so close to the conclusion of the conclave it is an exciting time for the Catholic Church.

"I think he is going to be a very humble but powerful leader for us,â?? said Cistone.