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      Saginaw mother hopes a witness will come forward in son's 2008 shooting death

      Nancy Williams says she finds comfort in the Troy's 3-year old son, Troy Jr.

      Nancy Williams son, Troy was shot to death outside his apartment on Sepember 11th, 2008.

      Saginaw Police say there were at least 100 witnesses but no has come forward with information.

      Investigators say Troy was walking around his apartment complex located on Vestry Road in Saginaw around 10:00 p.m. when he was shot at close range with an assault rifle. He had been shot at least 10 times.

      Nancy says the pain is indescribable.

      "To know how you raised him and to know that somebody hated him like that...they don't know,"

      Witnesses at the scene were questioned by police but did not give any information on the shooter.

      "Anyone who has been at those scenes before knows that some of the people there could identify a shooter," said Michigan State Trooper Bob Dunham.

      Trooper Dunham remembers the case well. It was one of 200 cases he reviewed when he was part of the Saginaw Cold Case Unit. The unit was dissolved in 2010 after funding for the task force ran out.

      "Until we get witnesses to come forward, all the other evidence that we have is not going to any use." said Trooper Dunham.

      Nancy says she's heard rumors around the neighborhood that points the finger to a shooter but with no witnesses coming forward the case remains unsolved.

      "Just tell us what happened. Give us some closure. Don't let someone else's family go through what we're going through," said Williams.

      Until Troy's killer is found, Nancy can only find comfort in the three year old son Troy never knew.