Saginaw passes budget without public safety layoffs

Saginaw city council members adopted a $163 million budget without layoffs to the police and fire departments.

/ Dave Kinchen

Crisis averted, said Saginaw City Councilman Dr. Bill Scharffe, of Monday night TMs unanimous passage of a $163 million budget that helps preserve jobs in both the police and fire departments. The budgetary package also contained more than $600,000 in savings.

The deal changes a few aspects of public safety. Three jobs in both departments will be lost through attrition. An old, expensive fire engine has also been rid of along with other equipment changes to save money.

We didn TMt close any fire stations, Scharffe said. The city was also helped by the 7.5 mills voters approved last November. It helped prevent any cuts, but that could change if property values don TMt stabilize over the next few years.

Scharffe said the recent changes should hold for now and the near future.

You look to the north, south, east and west of Saginaw Michigan, and we TMre like an island. (We TMre) the only city that TMs really managed to stay in a sound financial condition and that TMs unusual, he said.

It can TMt last forever maybe but we TMre going to make it last as long as we can.