Saginaw police hope to restore public trust with citizens' committee

The seven members of the Citizens' Advisory Council will serve for three years.

Saginaw's police chief says he hopes his department can earn back the trust of the people.

The police department formally introduced the new Citizens' Advisory Council Wednesday night. The seven-member committee of pastors and community members was formed in response to the July 2012 shooting death of Milton Hall.

In response to the American Civil Liberties Unionâ??s allegations of racial profiling by the police department and a request for an open investigation, Saginaw Police Chief Brian Lipe said the new committee is an example the department aims to treat everyone fairly.

â??Either way it goes, whether the open investigation or not, I think we'll be OK because we are doing what we can do to do just that, and that's treat everybody with respect and dignity and fairly,â?? Lipe said.

He confirmed the ACLU filed a letter to the Department of Justice asking for a formal investigation of the police department.

The newly-created council â?? appointed by Mayor Greg Branch â?? hopes to improve relations between the community and the police department. Members will serve for three years. The committee will hold its first public meeting on Wednesday Oct. 10.