Saginaw police investigate suspicious death

Investigators photographing the scene at 1110 Division St. in Saginaw.


aginaw police are investigating a suspicious death.

Saginaw officials were called to the 1100 Block of Division around 8:30 a.m. They found the body of Joseph Arthur Haase Jr., 26 who was shot multiple times.

Jamie Bingham who lives just a few homes down the block told NBC25, "I was woke up to a lot of shots this morning at least 11 shots. I was like okay another drive by shooting."

Det. Sgt. Brent Vanderhaar from the Saginaw Police Department added, "they found the gentleman between the two houses."

While they investigate, tape blocks off homes on Division between Braley and Sweet Streets in Saginaw. Investigators have numbered and photographed shell casings in the driveway.

Det. Sgt. Vanderhaar said, they are ruling it a homicide. They are questioning Hasse's roommate, the person he lived with at the residence off Division.

Bingham said the crime hits too close to home.

"It's too much crime in our neighborhood, especially so close to the school," said Bingham.

Saginaw Elementary School is no more than two blocks away.

Officials said this is the city's 6th homicide in 2012.

Seventeen years ago, Bingham said there wasn't this much crime in her neighborhood. When it is a shooting, it brings back bad memories of a murder in her family.

"It's kind of a déjà vu in my brain. . . and it's like madness for the kids. . . to have to be subjected to this in this area," Bingham said.