Saginaw Police, residents weigh in on public safety

Assistant city manager Phil Ludos says outsourcing police services to the sheriff is the city's best option, otherwise the police department would be trimmed significantly.

Police officers say there are other options while residents say they want to feel protected.

"It's contentious, our members at Saginaw Police are anxious they just want to get this behind them," says Doug Wortley, president of the Saginaw Police Officers Association.

Outsourcing the Saginaw Police department to the county sheriff is not well-received by city officers but assistant city manager Phil Ludos says it's the best option to avoid cutting around 30 Saginaw officers.

Saginaw police say there are other ways.

"We do realize that city has financial difficulty we have been willing to come back to the table to open up. But that hasn't happened," says Wortley.

For Saginaw residents like Charnell Hines who did not want her face on camera she likes to see Saginaw Police patroling the streets.

"It makes me feel safer with police there. Just the sheriff is not enough for this little city," says Hines.

Assistant manager Ludos plans to present the plan to city council in a special meeting next week.