Saginaw police say one dead, three wounded in pre-prom shooting

Police say Saginaw High School's prom will go on as planned at the Crooked Creek Banquet Center in Saginaw Township.

*** UPDATE (5-24-13 11:45am) ***

Police have identified the 17-year-old shooting victim as Tonquinisha McKinley.

McKinley is the 12th homicide of the year for the City of Saginaw.

The other three victims are recovering from their wounds at an area hospital.

Police are also urging students going to the Author Hill prom tonight to not participate in any pre-prom gatherings.

***UPDATE (5-24-13 12:11am)***

Gunshots erupted at the Florence Event Hall off of Salt Street in Saginaw shortly after 6 oâ??clock Thursday evening.

Police say four people were shot at a Saginaw High School pre-prom gathering. The victims are all female, ages 17, 18, 19 & 40-years old.

The 17-year old victim died Thursday evening. She was a Saginaw High School student who was at Florence Event Hall for the pre-prom gathering.

"During the pre-prom celebration there was an argument. The argument got heated and at that time, shots began ringing out,â?? says Sgt. Reginald Williams, public information officer for the Saginaw Police Department.

"I mean how would you hold up if your cousin got murdered and you were at prom?â?? says a woman identifying herself as â??Ms. Harris.â?? She says she is the aunt of the victim who died. â??You know people just need to come together and they need to turn to God because the devil is busy in Saginaw,â?? she adds.

Police say the pre-prom gathering was not sanctioned by police or the high school.

Saginaw High Schoolâ??s prom went on as planned at Crooked Creek Banquet Hall in Thomas Township Thursday evening.

Saginaw school police were on-scene checking cars. The Saginaw County Sheriff, William Federspiel, was also on scene.

Parents NBC25 spoke with say this is a tragic event but they do feel that their children are safe at prom.

â??I feel secure with my son being here. I know the principal, we talked with everyone and police is (sic) out here now,â?? says Teymon Kelly. â??So I think it's under control,â?? she adds.

â??It was horrible. I mean I don't understand why someone would commit such a heinous crime,â?? says Jerome Sangster.

There is a prom Friday evening for Arthur Hill High School. Saginaw police are encouraging students not to gather for pre-prom events.


Saginaw police are investigating a shooting that killed one person and wounded three others outside of an event center Thursday evening. Sgt. Reggie Williams tells NBC25 that at least four people were shot in the front parking lot of the Florence Event Hall on Salt Street around 6 p.m. Saginaw police, Michigan State Police and Saginaw County Sheriff's deputies arrived around 6:13. Officers secured the scene and several victims were taken to the hospital. One of the victims died of gunshot wounds.

Authorities say students from Saginaw High School were meeting at the location before Thursday's prom was to take place at the Crooked Creek Banquet Center in Saginaw Township. During the pre-prom celebration at Florence Event Hall, police say, several people got into an argument and multiple subjects began shooting.

The victims' ages and conditions are unknown at this time. At least one of the victims was female. Police have not confirmed whether the victims or suspects were Saginaw High School students. Police also tell NBC25 that the students were advised not to meet or gather prior to prom because of concerns of violence.

Saginaw High School's prom went on as planned. This is a joint investigation between Saginaw Police Detectives and the Michigan State Police. Our departments are still interviewing witnesses regarding this case and the investigation is on-going. Anyone with information about this incident should call CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-800-422-JAIL.

NBC25 has a crew on scene. We will bring you more as it becomes available.