Saginaw police sgt. rescues young owl

A wildlife handler in Saginaw is expressing her gratitude after a Saginaw police sergeant rescued a fledgling owl during his patrol shift.

Sandy Miner with the Wild Life Support Team said, two nights ago, Sgt. Mark Scott was working down in the southeast side of the city when he came across a fledgling owl in the roadway. He scooted the owl away from the road so that it wouldnâ??t be hit, only to come back the next night and find it in the roadway.

Sgt. Scott contacted 911, who then contacted Miner and Wild Life Support to help the bird.

Miner said, â??I think itâ??s important for people to understand that police officers are compassionate too. Sgt. Scott didnâ??t have to stop. This owl would have died if Sgt. Scott had not come to the rescue. It hasnâ??t been eating and thatâ??s why it couldnâ??t fly away.â??

Miner said the Wild Life Support Team has been in operation for 33 years. The team has a facility to house and help rescued animals, but it is not open to the public. Miner specializes in the rescue of big birds and is state and federally certified.