Saginaw Police Union files grievances against the city

After receiving 21 pink slip notices of job termination the Saginaw Police Department's union is stepping between the cities efforts to merge the sheriff's department into the cities police force.

"The Saginaw Police officer's association and the command officers association have each filed grievances against the city for multiple contract violations in regards to the attempted outsourcing of the Saginaw Police Department," said Union President Doug Wortley.

Union President Doug Worley says the city can't just walk away from their contract. In a strategic planning meeting in january city manager Darnell Earley announced police layoffs to cut into the cities deficit.

"The city manager has attempted to manipulate the sheriff and the commissioners by placing the majority of the 3.1 million dollar deficit on the police department,â?? said Wortley.

July first the Saginaw Police Department is scheduled to operate with 52 officers.

"The last thing we need is less police less firefighters on the streets. It's not right i think the cuts need to come from somewhere else,â?? said Saginaw resident Sandra Garth.

Wortley says there is room for cuts elsewhere in the cities budget.

"I also request that the city remove assistant city manager Ludos his salary be removed from the police department budget. Ludos' package alone cost the city nearly two officers,â?? said Wortley.

"I think protecting the city is what's most important right now,â?? said Garth.

We did contact and speak with assistant city manager Phil Ludos who declined comment on the subject but added with the city council meeting this evening there are other things taking priority.