Saginaw postal workers protest Senate bill

Postal workers picket outside of Senator Carl Levin's office in Saginaw on Thursday afternoon.

Saginaw postal employees picketed outside Senator Carl Levin's Saginaw office Thursday afternoon to protest U.S. Senate Bill 1789.

"The bill, as its written right now, would dismantle the post office," said mail carrier Brad McKenna, who is also the local president of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

McKenna and more than 20 other post office employees held signs and vocalized their disapproval of the bill, which is expected to be introduced next week.

Among other reforms, the bill would eliminate Saturday mail service, phase out door-to-door delivery and close thousands of post office facilities across the country.

Two of the proposed closures would be in Saginaw, a move that would eliminate more than 100 jobs in our area.

The protest in Saginaw was part of a nationwide movement to get lawmakers to rethink the language of the bill.

McKenna agrees that reforms must be made to the USPS, which is currently racking up about $25 million of debt every day.

He says reforms can be made without sacrificing Saturday mail service.