Saginaw public safety volley continues

It's a matter of money that's been spiraling down since last December. The police union has proposed solutions, the city shutting them down, forcing a stalemate between the two.

After a counter-offer of settlement from the city the police officers association of Michigan told the city, "I do not believe it would be an efficient use of time of any of the affected parties to meet again.â??

This statement made in January seems to have stuck as both parties say their doors remain open, but nobody is coming in. Police union president Doug Wortley fired back saying the cities shortfalls at city hall fall directly on directly on Darnell Earley's shoulders.

Still, the city remains rigid waiting for what they call significant savings for the city.

The city says they were able to construct quantifiable ideas with the Saginaw Fire Department where they could possibly bring back some of the firefighters, and the city says they want find the same middle ground with the police.