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      Saginaw renovated homes on display

      All homes were completely gutted and refurbished.

      Blight is a major problem for Mid-Michigan cities like Saginaw, but today a neighborhood stabilization program is offering some hope by renovating old homes for new buyers. They're unsightly and even dangerous. Vacant, abandoned, boarded up homes. The city of Saginaw has more of them than the average city. That's why the neighborhood stabilization program is in effect.

      Century 21 realtor David Nicklyn says, " The homes are totally stripped down, right to the studs and rebuilt, energy efficient."

      There are six nearly new homes on showcase sunday. From wood floors to completely new kitchens, the home has been gutted and updated with modern touches. Across the city prospective home buyers are touring the reasonably priced homes and contemplating buying.

      Potential buyer Latoya Simmons says, " The gentleman on the inside just showed me the before and after so they did some marvelous work."

      Simmons and her husband are weighing the advantages of owning rather than renting. With prices under one-hundred thousand dollars, it's a budget in her range.

      In addition to bringing the neighborhood value up, the homes are offered with special deals that offer to pay down payment and closing costs. It's a package deal David Nicklyn is having no problem selling. He expects the six homes on display to go fast.